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Every woman wants to have a brilliant perfect hair without any efforts, but in most cases it takes so much time to grow and groom it! Thanks to the newest technologies everyone is now able to get a good result in a couple of hours. We give you a chance to get what you want in our

Hair Extensions Salon in Brooklyn, where every professional has years of experience in the beauty industry. Not only you will get a free individual advisement before the procedure, but also get a lot of helpful tips of how to take care of the new hairstyle. It is always hard to find out your unique style and way to extend. We offer you this article to find out most basic facts about extensions, which will hopefully helps choosing the best option for yourself.

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Some General Information:

Extensions are usually made of real human hair, that’s why they are so soft and silky. They are usually collected from the top to the bottom of the head. There are various types and styles, as well as colors. A huge advantage of natural fiber is that it can be ideally blended with your chevelure. An important tip is that extensions can be treated the same way as naturals – there is no harm while straightening, curling, drying or coloring them. Applying different products such is oil, sprays and masks is allowed.


How Long Hair Extensions Last?

Choosing natural product is the best option for everyone who wants to forget about a correction for a long time. In most cases you can enjoy your hairstyle up to one year, which is amazing! Make sure to ask a stylist how to wash, brush and apply products in a proper way!

Types of Hair Extensions:

  1. Clip-in is a quite popular version, which literally means that there are several pieces attached to the fabric or a silicone foundation. To apply it just clip the construction to your hair! Many clients select this particular option because clips can be easily removed and put back any time. It takes 10-15 minutes to do that, which is very convenient. The second plus of clip-ins is that they are absolutely undamageable as don’t directly communicate with the chevelure. No installation methods or chemical, simply apply them to the natural hair!
    The best way to treat clip-ins is to wash them every 10-15 wears to maintain a good appearance and condition. Wash and brush with a regular shampoo, use a conditioner if needed and leave it to dry. In terms of styling choose any way to do it-curl, color, straighten as much as you want!
  2. Tape-in are exactly as they sound, they are being taped to the natural piece on both sides. Professional applies tapes with a special heated glue. While there is s time for correction, tapes are being removed and re-applied. Procedure usually takes about an hour- 2 hours depending on the complexity. With tape-in extensions clients should choose shampoo and conditioner to avoid the slipping off. Usually hairdressers recommend some good products and show how to use them properly.
  3. Pre-bonded extensions are fused in one’s fiber with a professional glue which may take up to 3-4 hours. The reason why it takes so long time is that a stylist should do some preparations in order to complete the procedure successfully. Application may be very damaging if it’s done in a wrong order and unprofessionally. Professional uses machine with a hot glue or a heat clamp to melt a glue to your hair. As a rule pre-bonded option is semi-permanent, which means that they regularly stay with your from 4 to 5 months. Although stylists advice to re-apply them after 4 months, the condition and duration of wear will depend completely on your natural hair characteristics, such as type and growth.